Trembling Humanity


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I wish if I had never met you,
You lifted me up as I fell down,
yet drowned me  in the pit at-last.
As a mirage you gave me the hope,
but left me in despair,
the gift for trusting  someone I shouldn’t.
No one can fathom my life’s struggles
and I leave this reality,
seeking pleasure in an imaginary world
just to forget the foreboding reality.
The pain never ceases,
while my head splitting in reality..
Dumped all my feelings
yet it burns  my heart
As an alien in this human-world
suffering in the feelings
molded a beast  lacking empathy..



(Wrote in a hurry , pardon any mistakes :3)




thumb-1920-718522Never saw the angel,

yet felt her presence,

like the moonlight on a gloomy night.

Heard her voice,

like the droplets of rain kissing the ground.

Her giggle resonated the pearls slipping of a string..

Never would one believe,

she was a human but an angel to save my world.

Longed to have her in life

yet know it will never happen.

Felt like she was the one for me but,

I’m not the one for her,

and such an angel deserves more,

than i could ever be…


(Something i wrote an year ago, sharing because of today’s word-prompt and busy to write a new one :3)

The path

//{This is something i wrote back in 2012. Felt like sharing it here as I went through my old diary today. And probably it is the first article in my life}//

You said my life is hay,

Not worth a penny to pay!

Oh, you’re right!

I’m a mellow guy,

and all i knew is to cry…

You drew me to the thorny forest.

Spilling my lifeblood,

slicing my flesh out,

hit by the stones you threw,

I limped through the dirt in the fiery dark,

Yelling for help!


but some helpless gaze from familiar faces!

Fell into the hidden traps,

lost all hope ,

Still crawled through the mud,

in an overwhelming pain into the endless dark,

longing for an helping hand!


Few strange hands lifted me up,

swept my tears,

dressed my wounds,

that’s where I’ve reached now

to see the people who i missed,

the people who knew the pain,

the people who knew what’s love!;-)

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming


Oft life we live is a mystery, with its vast surprises and tragedies that flow along with us. Even-though it seems like our whole life depends on the decisions we make, are we the ones really making choices? For instance aren’t we just following the system that we inherited and trying to fit in those norms so that  you will not be left out.  Sometimes we won’t even realize our actions are just a continuity to the actions of our ancestors.

Yes, we are all limited by the invisible chains and even those chains are evolving.

Illusions of perception


So this will be my official first blog post as the other was just an introduction boast about me. As always pardon me for my English and I’m trying to improve it.

So everyone knows what illusion is!  It is a misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience. Well known example is, of course a mirage! What a dreadful thing to happen to one who is hungry for hours. Its just an example of how your perceptions trick you. We need to have a reality check before we believe what we perceive.

Now you might ask me then what to believe? So my answer is I DON’T KNOW!!! Yes, it is. Because who knows what is right? What if we are just in a dream and our reality which we believe to be zen percent true is just an absurdity which we made or society made us to believe so that we don’t  question our sanity.

So the point is that there is no point. Just know that when you judge someone by your perception, ugh! okay, never ever do that!