//{This is something i wrote back in 2012. Felt like sharing it here as I went through my old diary today. And probably it is the first article in my life}//

You said my life is hay,

Not worth a penny to pay!

Oh, you’re right!

I’m a mellow guy,

and all i knew is to cry…

You drew me to the thorny forest.

Spilling my lifeblood,

slicing my flesh out,

hit by the stones you threw,

I limped through the dirt in the fiery dark,

Yelling for help!


but some helpless gaze from familiar faces!

Fell into the hidden traps,

lost all hope ,

Still crawled through the mud,

in an overwhelming pain into the endless dark,

longing for an helping hand!


Few strange hands lifted me up,

swept my tears,

dressed my wounds,

that’s where I’ve reached now

to see the people who i missed,

the people who knew the pain,

the people who knew what’s love!;-)

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming