I was never meant to be the one,

Not the sea for the sun to rest,

Arid for the seeds,

And too grim for the existence




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It has been a while and wrote so quickly about someone I was lucky enough to meet in this short span of life…

She was the water to his thirst

varieties in abundance

yet none can oust her like the pure glacier aqua

A heavy rain in a desert

but long before you find solace-

in the heavenly drops

snatched away by the sunny heaven and arid hell.

A therapy to my scorched mind

and the only time feeling content with life.

She seemed  like a painted wall to rubes,

but to an artist she was  Mona Lisa…




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Stranded amidst the desert,

Staggering in the sands, she

wandered alone seeking aid.

Desert is not a haven, but-

a severe hostile domain.

Animals await your fall

to feed upon you, and

your own eyes deceives you

by the vision of prosperous mirages

of trickster desert.

No one here can be trusted

not even the nature

one can only keep moving

expecting a miracle…