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It has been a while I have written something here. Mainly due to hectic schedule and change in circumstances. Fluctuating life and inability to see through the obstacles that keep on coming before me. Will there be an end to all this? I’m not sure yet.

I’m still searching for my so called special skill which is so good in hiding. Maybe some people are born without any skill? Or it’s just me! I regret many of my decisions and oft when I realize it’s too late. Blessed are the ones who are not having restraints while taking decision or the ones whose wrong decisions won’t affect them even if it goes against them.


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An abstract of life


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The little things used to amuse me

the way rain kisses the earth,

the sun peeping through the clouds and

the waves nibbling the shore.

But with age things altered,

losing the ability to feel,

the things once I loved.

The days turned strange

 beautiful sunsets and sunrise shifted to

 dreadful weekdays and weekends.

The more I endured, the more I

lost the gift to cherish those moments.

Not sure when I lost all those or how

but all I’m certain is that ,

I’m a matchstick waiting for its quietus. 








I’m actually in a doubt now not knowing what to write. The days are getting hectic and usually I reach room late and tired. Oft it make me wonder why we are doing all this things that we don’t like to do just to survive in this planet. People spent most of their life working to earn cash and forgets the meaning of life.Reality as itself is a paradox. World has enough to feed all yet people die of hunger. Of course world needs a structure but have we gone too far for forgetting the essence of life? People had become too much accustomed to the so called life that a change now is nearly impossible.

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